The fence

We needed to get a fence done so that we could get either goats or cows on the 20 acres in order to keep Ag taxes.  We could have done that quickly by getting a bulldozer to clear a path about 4 feet around the whole place and losing tons of trees, but we did not want to lose all those trees.  So we took a chainsaw and walked tree by tree to clean out for the fence.  My husband cut down trees that were in the way, or cut limbs off if we could save the tree.  I would pull the tree out of the way and make huge stacks of trees that we will burn someday.  It was slow, very tiring work.  We were able to clean up all the way across the front and down part of one side. One side already had a fence and the other side was too much of a hill to get the tractor on so we had to have a bulldozer.  But it was worth is because the fence is finally finished and we have trees that would not be there if we had not done the work by hand. 

While we were working on getting the trees cleared we found a really interesting tree, a Mexican Buckeye.  It has smooth bark with a purple kind of tint and small white flowers with purple accents.  They look like little orchids hanging off the tree in bunches.  We had to cut some of them down because they were in the way of the fence, but there is one growing next to the electric boxes and I am going to take really good care of it. 

Mexican Buckeye


Mexican Buckeye


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