The studio

What we will use as a house for a while at Crazy Oaks was originally built as a pottery studio. The outside is Austin stone and cedar with covered porches across the front and back.  It is about 1300 square feet with concrete floors.  The large, front room and the bathroom both have cedar paneling. The front room has windows from ceiling to about two and a half feet off the floor.  There is a room where they intended to put the kiln and will be my bedroom, a five-by-five closet that was to be the glazing room but will be my closet, a five-by-five office that I will use for a pantry.  Then there is a small kitchen.  Both the bedroom and the kitchen have an alcove.  The kitchen had a pantry built into the alcove, but I am tearing it out so I can put the range and refrigerator in the alcove and more counter and cabinets between them.  The bed will sit back into the one in the bedroom.

Front room


Looking toward the kitchen

inside the studio

All the walls were white, but I am painting them Olympic Prairie Dust.  It is a neutral brown and I think the name fits.  I need someone to take the pantry wall out, but either they want a ridiculous amount of money to do a little job. This wall is four feet long and I have already taken it half out.  Or they take forever to get back to me and I just have to wonder if they will be dependable about getting the job done.  When I do get the wall out and finish the painting, then I will get the concrete stained and I will be ready to really start moving things in.  I have a few things moved in now, but they will have to move out for the concrete staining.


painted walls


One response to “The studio

  1. Nice studio space, Freida. I know you’re going to enjoy that great view. I was stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas many years ago and stayed in Austin for about a month with a friend. Crazy Oaks looks like a quiet place to enjoy nature.

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