Three towns

Crazy Oaks is in Bosque County.  Bosque is Spanish for trees and came from a Spanish explorer Marques de San Miguel de Aguayo in 1721 who named the Bosque river and then it was used for the county name.  It is pronounced Boss-key.  The county was established in 1854 on July 4th.

The 98th Meridian runs through a tiny part of the county.  So one of the towns near Crazy Oaks is Meridian, the county seat, was incorporated as a town in 1874.  Close to the town is Meridian State Park, 505 acres with a 72-acre lake.  Cranfills Gap is another of the small towns close to us.  Named for an early settler, George Eaton Cranfill and a gap, or break in the mountains between Bosque and the next county, Hamilton, it officially became a town in 1879.  In Cranfills Gap there is The Old Rock Church, a Lutheran church built in 1886.  The third rural town close to Crazy Oaks is Iredell.  It was named for the son, Ira, of a settler Ward Keeler.

Information about any of the small towns or the county can be found at the website of The Bosque County Historical Commission

Looking out over the valley from the front porch

Looking out over the valley


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