What is Crazy Oaks ?

Crazy Oaks

At the top of a hill in Bosque County Texas sits a small Austin stone and cedar building built for use as a pottery studio. At one time there were oak trees growing all along the top ridge of the hill, but to build the studio the trees were bulldozed down all along the ridge and around it to the right of the studio. Now the trees have come back as oak bushes, crazy! However, that is not the only thing crazy at Crazy Oaks.

It sits right where a Farm-to-Market road turns into a County Road in between three different small communities. We had our choice of three rural addresses. Two miles down the road there is a small remnant of a community called Spring Creek. There is a one hundred year old church building, still in use, an old two-room school building, and a cemetery. My parents live on a small acreage right next door. My dad grew up and went to school in the community, my grandparents and great grandparents are buried in the cemetery, my grandmother even taught in the schoolhouse for a couple of years before she married. Had to quit after she married, not allowed to teach after she was married at that time.

There is always something going on at Crazy Oaks.

From the front gate


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