The Wedding

Right down the road from Crazy Oaks and right next door to Our Place, where my parents live, is a little white country church building.  It is the perfect place for a wedding.   The community has been meeting there for church since 1883 when the land was purchased for religious and educational purposes.  The church building was dedicated May 23, 1909 so the building is over 100 years old.  We still meet there each Sunday morning, but for the wedding we put out extra chairs and opened the back rooms.

A wedding in our area in the spring means that you will have lots of wildflowers and there was a big patch of bluebonnets near the church.

Jessica also wanted lots of flowers in the church so when you walked in the doors you could smell them.  They were hanging from the windows, the pews, and there were two arrangements at the front after guests walked by the flowers outside on the porch.    

An artist friend, Jaimie, painted the church in watercolor and that was the front of the program.     

Allen, the groom, also known as the chief fence builder, had spent several weeks helping us get things ready around the barn and house.  The wind had been blowing and we were afraid it might rain, but the day could not have been any better, not too hot, not too cool, perfect spring Texas weather for a wedding.

all images from Zander Photography Clifton, Tx


One response to “The Wedding

  1. It was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful young woman and a handsome young man.

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