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More Books

More of the books that I have been reading this summer.   These two are good ones.

Toyne, S. (2011). Sanctus. New York, NY: William Morrow/Harper Collins.

ISBN 978-0-06-203830-2   $25.99

Release date 9/6/11

A monk climbs up the mountainside of the Citadel of Ruin, site of the beginnings of the Christian church.  Inside the holy mountain is a holy secret, a Sacrament, that the monks protect at all costs.

Kathryn Mann has an ancient prophecy, which predicts the fall of the monk, the rise of the monk to unlock the Sacrament, and bring forth a new age.

So when the monk falls from the top of the mountain there are a great many people interested in why other than the Inspector Davud Arkadian.

Their interests and exactly what it means when the abbot says “all costs” weaves a grand mystery.   If you like mystery, this is a wonderful book to read.



Geda, F. (2010) In The Sea There Are Crocodiles. New York, NY. Doubleday.

ISBN 978-0-385-53473-4 U.S. price $21.95

Tentative on sale date 8/9/11


Enaiat was born and lived in Afghanistan until his mother smuggled him out sometime around his tenth birthday and left him in Pakistan.  From that day on he was responsible for his own life.  How he survived, the jobs that he took as a Shia Muslim immigrant to be able to survive and how he manage to make it all the way to Italy and convince them to give him asylum as a political refugee is the story.

Enaiat’s father was forced to drive a truck for the Sunni bringing back merchandise but when bandits killed him the Sunni said that his family had to pay for the truck and merchandise.  When they couldn’t pay in money the price became the life of a child, Enaiat.

The book is a novel because Enaiat tells it just as he remembers, his story.  The language is simple, childlike, but the story is multifaceted, political, heart-rending, and resilient.  Enaiat is someone you will remember and think about long after you finish reading his story.   This was a quick book to read and could be easily used for secondary classrooms if teachers are interested.