Today I forgot my glasses at home.  It is summer and I am teaching a three-week institute.  I need those glasses to read, to write and generally to see what I teach.  I don’t need them to drive or carry my books to the car, so I left them, laying on the table where I used them last night. 

            My daughter is at home without a summer job so I called.  No one answered.  I called again, but third time is the charm they say, so finally on the third try she answered. 

            “Please bring my glasses to school,” I say.

            “Mom, I’m tired, are they important,” she whined?

            “Of course,” I said, “I wouldn’t have called if it wasn’t.”

            “Okay, meet me outside, so I don’t have to come in,” she says.

I agree and give my class an assignment while I wait.  It only takes a few minutes and she pulls up, hair mussed from the bed, sleep still in her eyes, and clothes, she picked up off the floor, thrown on only for the short trip.

            “Thank you,” I say as she hands me the glasses. 

            She makes no reply, but “the look” says it all, “You are irresponsible, forgetful and at times extremely irritating, but I love you anyway, so I did this for you, just don’t let it happen again.

            I return to my class, glasses in hand, and reflect on this incident.  I really wanted to say,  “turn about is fair play.”  Her inconvenience a small repayment for the many times I have put my life on hold for her.  What ever I needed to do, or started was put on hold for her needs.  I deliver forgotten supplies and clothes or bring a key and get hers out of the locked, running car.  Mom solves the problem, large or small.

            A true example of the saying “what you give comes back to you.”   A little lost sleep and inconvenience is small compensation for the years of devotion I have freely given. 



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