My 3Day Journey

I keep using the word incredible, but that is the best word for the 2008 weekend. I had a few blisters, sore feet, but they are nothing compared to the feeling of walking the full 60 miles and all the experiences along the way. 

The people who came out to cheer, my family who followed us and helped with anything we needed, the young, 29, woman with cancer that we walked for, the volunteers who made sure we had everything we needed, and all the other walkers we met made it a memorable weekend. 

Three people I need to write about here. One was the woman who moved from cheer section to cheer section with a sign that said, “My right boob thanks you.” You were fun and kept us going. Another was a small girl, about nine years old in the cheer section, holding a sign that said, “Thank you for walking for my mom.” That made us cry. 

And finally, as we were walking into closing ceremonies there was an older woman who was determined to walk in herself, but she was struggling and it was clear she would not make it. A man who I know had walked his own 60 miles because I saw him several times while I was walking, asked the two friends with the woman if they needed help, then he picked up the woman and carried her into the closing ceremonies. We all cheered because that is a perfect example of why we walk, for those who can’t. 

I am back for 2009, how could I not be after the incredible 2008 weekend? I want to thank both the Spring Creek community and Baptist church for their donations last year. Thanks to my corporate sponsor, Advisors Asset Management of Boerne. And finally, thanks to my sister and her donations from the Southwest Airline reservation center in Oklahoma City. I truly appreciate all the people who helped me walk last year with their pledges and as I ask again, please help me as I work this year to raise the money to walk again to fight breast cancer.


Team KW 2008 – Cindy L , Alicia, Kelly W, me,  & Cindy 


When we reached this sign I think we were a little in shock that we had really walked the whole 60 miles in 3 days.  Well we still had about 2 miles at this point, but that was nothing to us! 



60 miles 3 days all worth it! 



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