The Last Dissertation Interview

Finally, I had the last interview for my doctoral dissertation.  Dallas, a fourteen year old adolescent going into high school, had Boy Scout camp so setting up his interview had been difficult.  It was at 10:00 today, meaning I had to leave town by 9:30 and it was now 9:00.  So I rushed around making sure I had his portfolio, a tape for the recorder, and batteries.  Checking the dogs to make sure they had plenty of water just as I was walking out the door I spilled it on my shirt.  This would never dry, so I quickly changed into another.  Understand most of my clothing was packed for my upcoming move and the rest was in the laundry from a full week of teaching, so I only had a few things to choose from and took the nearest shirt, pink, not the dark brown I had started out with, but it would do.


Immediately after the interview I sat in my car a few minutes to write down my field notes.  Dallas had seemed a little reticent, but he warmed up and shared much about himself and his writing.  In class he had been one of the first to begin talking to me, warming up to me quickly.  Perhaps I thought it was because of the house painter who kept looking at us as we talked. In spite of his shyness I felt comfortable with the interview.  I had gotten much that I needed and would find more after I transcribed it, so I went home. 


At home in my office as I put my materials down I turned and saw myself for the first time after changing into the pink shirt. Oh my gosh, no wonder he seemed unwilling to look directly at me, and now I knew also why the young, house painter had been turning around so often.  I had talked to his aunt like that. As I was leaving his grandmother came out of the house and I even got out of my car to talk to her.  What they must think of me. 


Note to self, find out if John’s wife knows the mother, tell her to convey I really am a okay person.  I can not believe this what will my committee say when the dissertation reads,


Dallas seemed to answer all questions looking off into the yard rather than at the researcher. The researcher attributed this to shyness in talking about himself, but when the researcher got home and looked in the mirror the researcher realized that a leopard print bra was showing plainly through the light pink shirt.


One response to “The Last Dissertation Interview

  1. Mirrors are a wonderful invention!

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